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The Magnolia River Way

The Magnolia River Way describes who we are and how we live, work, and play. We are passionate professionals who strive to go the second mile for our clients, our co-workers, our families, and our friends. We live by our core values, helping where we can to make a real difference. We work hard to exceed expectations while helping each other achieve goals and deliver client-focused solutions. We also hold each other accountable and push one another to continuously improve. We encourage open communication and constructive criticism delivered with a smile and a genuine interest in making every team member a better person and a more effective participant.

Our clients tell us they love the extra attention they receive from our trusted professionals, who deliver quality solutions tailored to each client's specific needs across the infrastructure and geospatial industries. Our employees say they love what they do for the people we support. Our affiliates and teaming partners state they enjoy working with us to deliver services our industry experts know best. And our competitors agree Magnolia River is a well-respected leader in the markets we support.

Core Values


We are passionate, enthusiastic, and committed in everything we do. We take pride in our work. We work hard and have fun.


We operate with integrity and honesty. We empower our employees to do what is right.

Respect and Loyalty

We are respectful and loyal to our clients, employees, partners, and suppliers. We value their contributions to our mutual success. We genuinely care for each other, both personally and professionally.

Client Satisfaction and Accountability

We listen to our clients and satisfy their needs with high quality products and services. We are dedicated to meeting our commitments. We accept responsibility and stand behind the work we do.


We empower our employees to have the courage to make decisions and to take prudent risks. We have the patience and perseverance to finish what we start. We embrace and capitalize on positive change and new technology while constantly seeking to improve all aspects of our business.


We recognize and reward the innovations, achievements, and success of our employees.

Life Balance

We encourage and empower our entire staff to strike a healthy work and life balance.


Our employees are encouraged to share their opinions, to communicate openly, honestly, accurately, and frequently.


We are one unified team! We truly believe succeeding as a team is more important than succeeding independently. As one team, our impact is far greater than the impact of a single person or group. We work together to create a blend of integrated offerings and added value for the clients we serve.

Profitable Growth

We pursue sustainable, profitable growth, enabling the continued expansion of our offerings. By reinvesting in our company, we can continue to provide the level of service and support our clients deserve.


  • Esri Gold Business Partner
  • Trimble Authorized Business Partner


Ronald Hoff Jr. LT


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