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A New Phase

Ronnie Hoff on Tuesday, 31 October 2017.

Seventeen years ago, Kim and I began a journey to build a company where we could help our clients create a stronger and safer gas system while living out our core values and, ultimately, create a work environment where we whistle while we worked. At the start, we worked from our home with Kim managing the administrative burdens while I worked onsite in the field. We strove to deliver exceptional pipeline services through not only the work we performed, but also in the way we respected our clients. Quickly, Magnolia River became known as a client-focused group of trusted professionals who delivered quality solutions, and the company prospered.

Changes to the enterprise we had envisioned being small enough to manage from our living room started almost immediately. In 2001 we hired our first employee. In 2003, we hired our first office manager and by 2004, we needed our first office space. In 2008, what started as a $1,800 gas-service project grew into a multimillion-dollar utility replacement program, and Magnolia River entered into a new phase of growth and service expansion.

We developed FlowGIS, our software suite of products, acquired a surveying and mapping company, and grew to over 100 employees by 2013. Magnolia River’s continued focus on client relationships led to new utilities reaching out for services. To meet these needs, we expanded throughout the southeast by opening new offices and hiring more great people (over 300 and counting) and now, as we close out 2017, we are once again entering a new phase.

This new phase is different, as Kim will no longer be part of Magnolia River. She has decided she is ready to move on in a different direction. I will always be in awe of all we accomplished together. From the moment we decided to launch out on our own, until today, we built Magnolia River with the help of the greatest people we could find. Through the ups and downs and through the changing utility landscape, we worked as one to provide excellent services from a company people were proud to work for. I wish the very best for Kim as she embarks into new endeavors, and I look forward to the tremendous opportunities that await Magnolia River.


Ronald Hoff Jr. LT


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