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Respect and Loyalty

Ronnie Hoff on Thursday, 29 May 2014.

Respect and loyalty are Magnolia River core values that go hand-in-hand. Respect for and loyalty to people require treating everyone as just that - people. The best-selling book "Leadership and Self-Deception" by The Arbinger Institute centers on the foundational idea of considering everyone as a person and not an object.

On the surface this seems like a basic truth and something we believe we just always do as members of modern society and the human race. But if we are totally honest with ourselves, we likely can think of situations where we did not follow the golden rule. Instead we did things for our advantage and marginalized others. It could be something as simple as racing to beat someone to the grocery store checkout line, believing we and our schedules are more important. Or it could be something much more significant.

In the book, "self-betrayal" is defined as an act contrary to what we feel we should do for another. Once we start down this path we ultimately deceive ourselves into thinking our thoughts and actions are justified and other people are the ones with the problems. Alternatively, if we are loyal to our commitment to do what we feel is right for others - if we have respect for them - then we can achieve unity and accomplish great things. Whichever path we choose sets up actions that become reinforced cycles. This is why it is critical that we strive to develop positive reinforcement cycles built on our core values.

This does not mean we cannot or should not be competitive. On the contrary, we should be passionate about competing to ensure we provide the greatest level of service and value to our clients. We should respect our competitors and work hard to win with integrity. We are to be benevolent.

At Magnolia River, we are respectful and loyal to our clients, employees, partners, and suppliers. We value their contributions to our mutual success. We genuinely care for each other, both personally and professionally. These are words we believe and work to live by.



Ronald Hoff Jr. LT


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