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Kelli Cole Staudt on Tuesday, 05 May 2015.

DSC 0015 smallRecently, I had the pleasure of sitting down for an in-depth discussion of GIS and utility operations with Mike Strength, General Manager of Trussville Gas and Water, a well-respected new technology pioneer in the natural gas industry. Through our discussion we desire to bring flowGIS to life for you, our client, through experiencing flowGIS in action from the eyes of an actual user.

Mr. Strength is a long time active member of the Alabama Natural Gas Association (ANGA). Through ANGA and other connections, he developed a relationship with Hayden Strickland, Vice President of Systems Engineering and GIS at Magnolia River. From the very beginning, Hayden, living by the core values of our company, listened to Mr. Strength's concerns, major challenges, and ideas for the GIS of Trussville's Gas and Water systems. He desired a single interface that would deliver work orders, including inspections based on DIMP requirements, while allowing their field personnel to collect as much geographic information as possible when they completed their daily tasks. We began brainstorming on solutions and discovered their requirements were in line with an idea that we already were bringing to life, and thus Trussville became one of the first utilities to implement flowGIS.

Through developing and delivering Trussville's tailored flowGIS solution, the true potential of flowGIS for all utilities began to take form. After operating flowGIS for a year, Mr. Strength commented, "We are to the point now, that it is obvious how much time we are saving by using the toolsets within flowGIS. Recurring tasks are scheduled automatically. The system is capable of pulling data from our billing and work order management systems so we can see overall activity of the system. The flowGIS implementation has proven tremendously efficient in the field and office. It gives us maximum efficiency with a minimal level of effort. "

MobileDevices rearrange SMALL"We like the flexibility of cross platform capabilities of flowGIS, and that all users have access to real-time data," Matt Carter, IT Director of the City of Trussville, said. Mr. Carter went on to describe the intended expansion of flowGIS across the entire company. "Our future for flowGIS will eventually include more than just the gas system. The water system also will be managed in flowGIS. We will be able to conduct and track actions such as hydrant inspections in a much more efficient way."

We continue to collaborate with Trussville Gas and Water to integrate additional features within flowGIS. As with Trussville, we invite all of our clients to share ideas as we help each other along the path to better, safer, and more efficient utility systems.

Magnolia River listens to our clients' challenges and desires while working to create tailored, cost effective solutions. This makes me proud of our developers and technicians. This also makes me proud to represent a company and software solutions which keep utility systems compliant while saving time and money, avoiding headaches and redundancy, and possibly even saving lives.

This was an excellent meeting and ended with an open door to share additional flowGIS progress at Trussville as new features are implemented, technology improved, and hardware put into additional field personnel's hands. Stay tuned!

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