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Sidney Thomas

Sidney Thomas
Senior Director, Financial and Market Analysis

Tell us a little bit about yourself and/or your family

I have two awesome young adults (I cannot call them children anymore). Kristian is 23 and a graduate of Tuskegee University in electrical engineering. She is now a pipeline integrity engineer with Vectren Energy in Evansville, Indiana. Joshua is 20 and is attending Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri.

I served four years in the United States Navy and I love the Navy. I earned my BS degree in finance from The Central State University and my MA degree in management from Antioch University.

Generations of the Webb/Turner family members are graduates of Historically Black College & University (HBCU). Joshua and Kristian are also HBCU graduates.

I am a workaholic. In addition to my duties at Magnolia River, I research and write grants for non-profits, tutor math at Bethel Baptist Church in Pratt City, am a deacon at church which carries tons of responsibilities, and I provide business mentoring to several small businesses. Of course Kristian and Joshua remind me that Dad does tons of work for free.

Tell us about your job at Magnolia River.

I am currently working with the Accounting, Operations and Contracts groups. I develop and work with everyone to establish Magnolia River’s billing rates to our clients. This has included standardizing and reducing our billing classifications. I am actively involved with the legal team to review our contracts, master services agreements, subcontract agreements and other binding documentation. Risk management is new to Magnolia River and to business entities as well. I work with Magnolia River’s insurance providers to analyze the risk associated with our contracts and operating a business. Risk touches every area of Magnolia River and working together; we identify and propose solutions to reduce the liability to Magnolia River.

What do you enjoy most about working for Magnolia River?

The touch points I have each day at Magnolia River with the various business segments to successfully help grow this organization. Today as an example, I have worked on a fleet issue, workers compensation data submittal, transmission inspection revenue forecasting TECO rate negotiation, new rate sheets for two municipalities, and reviewing a Duke Energy GIS Request for Proposal (RFP).

What kinds of things do you like to do for fun?

I am never bored. I enjoy visiting wineries and tasting the various samplings vineyards offer. I am an amusement park junkie and enjoy riding coasters. I probably visit 4-5 different parks during the summer. I continue to develop my golf game. Over the past five years I have improved and progressed from an ugly/nasty/terrible/stinking/awful golf game to just a bad golf game. I really enjoy playing bid whist twice a month with family and friends. I have fantastic culinary skills and enjoy cooking for family and friends.

What’s your favorite book/author and why?

None. Since graduating from college and getting my two children out of school, I’d rather wrestle an alligator or fight King Kong then read. The studies for the Navy in anti-submarine warfare, two degrees and repeating elementary/middle/high school for the second and third time plus learning the different pharmaceuticals with my wife as a pharmaceutical representative, I only read when it is a must.

Best experience?

As an ocean system analyst in Keflavik Iceland, I was the first United States Navy personnel to detect and track a Russian Akula nuclear powered fast attack submarine on October 17, 1986.


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