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Natural Gas, Water & Steam Turn-Key Infrastructure Replacement

Natural Gas, Water & Steam Turn-Key Infrastructure Replacement
Redstone Arsenal, AL


Magnolia River is a subcontractor to Chugach Management Services, Inc.


Magnolia River has been tasked by Chugach Management Services, Inc. (CMSI) through the Redstone Department of Public Works (DPW) to perform various infrastructure improvements, GPS & GIS mapping, and modeling of utilities. The work is being tasked through a multi-year Purchase Order Contract.

Project Overview

The first purchase order was for Magnolia River to create a hydraulic model of Redstone Arsenal’s natural gas and water systems by using converted CADD data to GIS. Prior to running the model, Magnolia River performed CADD conversion to GIS for all available natural gas and water data for Redstone Arsenal. Once the conversion was complete, Magnolia River ingested the GIS data into the model and ran multiple versions based on future planning. Gas Works 9.0 was used for natural gas modeling and WaterGEMs for the water modeling. Since development of the models in 2008, Magnolia River has been maintaining and running the models for future planning when requested by Redstone DPW.

The second purchase order was for replacement of over 27 miles of steel, natural gas pipelines with polyethylene plastic throughout the confines of Redstone Arsenal located in Huntsville, Alabama, along the Tennessee River.

Specific tasks related to the second task order include:

  1. Establish a valving configuration consistent with CMSI’s maintenance capabilities
  2. Provide all construction efforts for replacement work including a management staff on site
  3. Maintain all as-builts to be reflected on final SDSFIE compliant formatted GIS drawings
  4. Implement compliant SDSFIE natural gas database for data collection and mapping
  5. Perform sub-foot Global Positioning System (GPS) field data collection and mapping of all newly installed natural gas infrastructure (above and underground)
  6. Perform Quality Assurance/Quality Control of all field data collected and input natural gas GIS data
  7. Introduce natural gas safely to all replacement pipelines

Magnolia River has recently received a new change order to Magnolia River's gas replacement project of an additional +/-five miles that includes collaboration with the USACE Mobile District and Huntsville Center to provide additional main from south end of Redstone to distribute additional gas to the ATF/FBI buildings and range. Magnolia River recently met with the Army Corps representatives, DPW, Chugach, to propose the type and size of main to be installed. This decision was based on the Magnolia River performed modeling of the ATF/FBI building needs and plan for additional growth on Redstone.


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