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Utility Capacity Study & Energy Awareness Program

Utility Capacity Study & Energy Awareness Program
USAG Yuma Proving Ground » AZ


Magnolia River provided the Utility Capacity Study (Electric, Water, and Wastewater) and phase I of an Energy Awareness Program. The Utility Capacity Study was completed and submitted in July 2010, while the first phase of the Energy Awareness Program was delivered in September 2010.

Project Overview

Utility Capacity Study

The purpose of the water, electric, and wastewater capacity studies is to provide Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) an overview of the infrastructure and the current and proposed future demand that facilities place on the systems.

The following was provided in the study:

  • A summary of the facility type, size, and age for each of the 6 cantonment areas as well as the usages on those facilities were provided in the study.
  • Each utility system was evaluated based on its ability to provide short term service and the known maintenance or repair to continue service at the current use levels.
  • The study provides general guidance on the anticipated effects growth at YPG will have on these utilities.
  • The final report provided recommended maintenance and projects to guide YPG in their planning process for preparation in the design phase of their planned future developments.

Energy Awareness Program Phase I

The purpose of the first phase of the Energy Awareness Program is to plan the effort and design of a successful program through a complete survey of YPG’s energy systems. Additionally, the first phase involves suggesting strategic metering if the system metering is deficient for Magnolia River’s engineering focused Energy Awareness Program. The strategic metering will provide proper measurement and monitoring to determine the successfulness of the program once implemented.

The following tasks were performed in Phase I:

  • Develop and present an energy awareness briefing to YPG leaders and decision makers
  • Characterize the facility’s staff
  • Develop energy groups throughout the installation based on YPG measurement capabilities
  • Determine or work on establishing building managers for each site
  • Review and analyze energy bills and usage throughout the year
  • Establish goals and objectives for the program
  • Assess resources and potential energy champions

Control – Magnolia River has performed the Utility Capacity Study and the Energy Awareness Program within budget and will continue to do so on the additionally phased projects.

Quality of Work – Magnolia River provided quality reports to YPG and has since been requested by YPG to submit proposals for additional project phases for the Utility Capacity Study and the Energy Awareness Program.


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