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Energy Awareness Program (EAP)


Magnolia River has developed and implemented an engineering-based Energy Awareness Program (EAP) at multiple Army installations. The program provides a process driven approach (smart meter measurement and feedback), rather than the common marketing approach. Magnolia River’s program was originally developed for large commercial manufacturing entities more than five years ago. In the last two years it has been recalibrated to the specifics of Army installations and involves energy awareness, building energy management, advanced metering, utility analysis, and energy auditing. The program could be easily implemented at any installation or site as well as manufacturing facilities, industrial sites, and on campuses.

Project Overview

The program involves five phases, with each phase having direct involvement with the Installation Energy Manager:

  • Phase I: Assessment
  • Phase II: Metering and/or Data Integration
  • Phase III: Energy Awareness Website
  • Phase IV: Implementation
  • Phase V: Program Continuation/Sustainability

Value Proposition

Magnolia River’s EAP has multiple value proposition points that will yield direct benefits for the Army and the installation.

  • Exceeds the Army Facilities Management requirements in AR 420-1, 22-11a.(4); 22-12a.(2)d.(2)(3)(6-8)
  • Quick energy savings and payback
  • Value added engineering that results in monetary and energy savings;
    • Identification of broken and mis-wired meters
    • Calibration of meters
    • Energy billing corrections
    • Rate analysis
    • Tenant billing analysis
    • Off-peak planning
    • Steps towards ISO certification for production facilities.
  • Engineering focused behavioral change to develop awareness programs determined by the location of substations, system distribution, tenants, and commands.
  • Using smart meters and energy awareness. The first program to successfully put valuable metering data to work with energy awareness to save energy and money.
  • Magnolia River’s EAP measures the savings via a network of metering implemented through the program or in concert with Utility Monitoring and Control Systems (UMCS) and/or the Meter Data Management System (MDMS). The program is most successful in measuring and providing feedback when used in conjunction with the MDMS or UMCS programs.
  • Applicable to the Army Energy Enterprise that focuses on Army energy use with direct local components to specific installations and their tailored needs for a successful program.
  • Magnolia River’s program is scalable and can be implemented at multiple and various military installations, while still being focused on the circumstances at each individual installation. This is done by segregating the different types of facilities into specific groups that have similarities for success in energy awareness, i.e. barracks, administrative, manufacturing, test sites, airport, contractor, etc…


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