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Natural Gas Engineering, Mapping, Spatial Analysis & Inspection

Natural Gas Engineering, Mapping, Spatial Analysis & Inspection
ALAGASCO, now Spire Energy

Magnolia River has been providing engineering, mapping, spatial analysis and inspection services to Alagasco, a natural gas distribution company, for over 10 years. Alagasco, a natural gas distribution company, serves nearly half a million gas customers across the state of Alabama.

Project Overview

Magnolia River has developed mapping and inspection standards for Alagasco for over 10 years. They have helped develop Alagasco’s asset management and GIS, including developing a set of standards from project planning stages & design, to in-process, and project completion. As a result of Magnolia River's efforts in standardization of mapping processes and practices, Alagasco has implemented these processes with Magnolia River coordinating training.

In the past 10 years, Magnolia River has performed many tasks for Alagasco including: (1) Development of attributes and drawing standards for specific projects within GIS, (2) Completion of full field inventories in CADD and GIS, (3) Drawings with PE acceptance, (4) Direct drawing and engineering within Alagasco’s proprietary enterprise GIS, MAGI, (5) Map-grade GPS data collection of natural gas infrastructure (above and below ground), (6) Maintenance and management of MAGI, (7) Design/development of a standardized natural gas geodatabase specific to the needs of Alagasco, (8) GIS analysis of leak assessments, project completions, service locations, low pressure status, and third-party damages (9) On-site project management for annual cast iron replacement efforts.

ALAGASCO Specific Project Examples

16” Transmission relocation work US Highway 280 — This was an emergency relocation Magnolia River worked as a liaison between Alagasco and ALDOT to the extent that ALDOT revised their plans to accommodate Alagasco's existing 8" critical distribution valves and District regulator station. Magnolia River also coordinated the procurement of 16” pre-tested pipe and valve assemblies from Southern Natural that were compliant with “Smart Pigging” standards.

16” North Birmingham Tap Design — This project entailed replacing approximately 2.1 miles of 16” High Pressure Distribution main to include a 2,000 foot directional bore across a ravine with approximately 138 feet of elevation change. It also included the design and placement of multiple intermediate regulator stations, as well as critical valve groupings. Magnolia River provided the complete design for this project to include all plan and profile drawings, State and Local permits, and Right-of-way/Easement procurements.

12” high pressure distribution loop for Birmingham division — This project ensured a much needed high pressure reinforcement to the southwest quadrant of the Alagasco system. To date, this project has been developed in four phases, each of which entailed 1.5 to 2 miles of right-of-way procurement, strategic route location, and design to comply with mandated class location and capacity. Magnolia River worked closely with ALDOT to avoid conflicts with the proposed extension of the Lakeshore Drive corridor. Magnolia River provided all preliminary studies, Professional Engineering designs, GIS mapping, and Environmental permits, as well as qualified inspectors and all as-built drawings.


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